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Celebrate your timeless love with once in a lifetime crochet made for the modern bride.

Namaste and Crochet wants to celebrate your true love story with handmade love and happiness meditated into every stitch. With specially crafted lace patterns that custom contour and support your every curve, your dress will be as unique as your own love story.

Whether you’re getting whisked away to a lush forest, breathing in the fresh mountain air, or hearing the waves crash on a tropical seaside as you say “I do", Namaste and Crochet’s high quality designs keep you present in every magical moment and free to breathlessly dance the night away.

To begin your collaboration with the designer to create your perfect dress, please fill out the custom form below.

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A spectrum of color swatches to match your skin tone are available to choose from. For more info on this feature, please inquire within!
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